Tube bending machine

With the development of technology and increasing human progress, we are witnessing new achievements in various industries every day. Kimia bending Isfahan Company, relying on modern bending technologies, offers a very high quality pipe bending machine to its customers and takes steps to increase domestic production.
In this article, we will introduce the types of pipe bending machines. Each of these machines has its own advantages and capabilities and has its own function, so we must meet the types of these machines and the purpose and expectations we have from the machine. Consider
There are three types of pipe bending machines based on the machine control system, which include the following:

1. Manual pipe bending machine
2. NC pipe bending machine
3. CNC pipe bending machine

There is another division based on the mechanics of the device, which is as follows

1. Pipe bending machine with electrical operation mechanism
2. Pipe bending machine with hydraulic operation mechanism

Bending of profile and UPVC type pipes is done as follows

1. Heat pipe bending machine
2. Hot oil pipe bending machine

Based on the axis in the pipe bending machine, it can be divided into the following two categories

1. Single-axis pipe bending machine
2. Multi-axis pipe bending machine

The type of pipe bending machine placement is divided into two categories

1. Horizontal pipe bending machine
2. Vertical pipe bending machine

In a multi-axis bending machine, both linear and rotational movements are performed, as well as left and right movements. Different bending radii can be created in these devices. These devices are also called Multi Radius. In the advanced model of this device, You can also do 3D bending.

In different types of pipe bending machines, different work can be done. In an example of pipe bending machine, in addition to bending operations, some processes such as punching, cutting and separation can also be combined. The advantages of using this type of machine are: We can point to the reduction of costs in the long run
The pipe bending machine has many applications, including the production of car seat frames and copper pipes used in the generator. To do this, twin CNC machines are used.
There is a pipe bending machine that has a three-dimensional scanner and is used in some CNC machines to shape the fuel and hydraulic pipes of various vehicles.

Bending pipe machine is also used to produce sanitary equipment and valves and have the ability to perform bending operations of parts with assembled accessories. For this purpose, high quality bending pipe bending machine should be used so that during bending operations no Do not create scratches on the piece and maintain the wall thickness.

The choice of pipe bending machine depends on the type of work and the degree of precision and delicacy required to produce the products

Pipes that are bent by the pipe bending machine have different sizes that when buying and ordering the machine, it should be noted that if the work expands and the size of the pipe increases or decreases, it will meet the business needs. It should also be noted that the device can be bent in any size, diameter or angle.

Pipes that are bent by a pipe bending machine each have different sizes, so if you feel that your work will expand in the future, you need to buy a device that also supports higher sizes.

To buy a device suitable for your business, you can use the advice of Kimia Khum Company and safely order your device with excellent quality and after-sales service.

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