Pipe bending with mandrill

Sheet deformation is very important in the parts industry and many parts such as wall separating panels and food trays by bending the sheet is one of the most widely used methods of forming solids.

Bending the sheet is actually forming metal solids without bending or breaking the sheets.

Mandrel bending is used in tensile bending. In this type of bending, the mold rotates.

In this method, the pipe is held firmly by a clamp in the part that needs to be bent.

The two then begin to rotate together, causing the tube to be pulled into the mold.

In order to prevent the cross-section of the pipe from falling off and changing its oval shape, a compression mold is pressed into the pipe and pulled forward along with the pipe due to friction, and it is always placed in front of the mold at the starting point of bending. Prevents the pipe.

For this reason, its length must be at least equal to the length of the bend.

In the method of bending with mandrel, we have pipes with a thinner thickness of mandrel that is placed inside the tube.

Bending with mandrel helps maintain the geometric shape of the pipe.

This type of bending is also called tensile bending.

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