Pipe Bending Machine

Kimia Pipe Bending Company has produced a one-axis hydraulic pipe bending machine with mandrel system with a price equivalent to 40% of foreign machines, which is in accordance with the principles of machine-building in terms of construction quality and is suitable for different guilds in terms of efficiency. The mentioned machine is able to bend the smallest diameter of the pipe to a pipe with a diameter of 38 mm and a mantle thickness of 2 mm, and the construction of larger size machines is also custom-made.

Auto pipe bending machine

Pipe bendine machine NC50
NC50 pipe bending machine
pipe bending machine
NC60 pipe bending machine
pipe bending
NC100 pipe bending machine
pipe bending
NC120 pipe bending machine

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Address of sales and exhibition office: Isfahan - Alavijeh Road - Great Industrial Town - 20 Andishmandan Street - No. 4

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Kimia Bending Engineering Technical Company of Isfahan started to work in 1993 with the aim of manufacturing machines and equipment for bending and forming sheets and pipes. For more than 27 years, Kimia Bending has developed advanced and professional techniques for superior quality of bending and forming pipes and sheets in the field. Has collected various jobs, our efforts and successes have been recognized and proven by customers
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